Being an actor myself, I know how nerve-wracking photo sessions can be, and I know the expense can put you off from getting new pictures even when you know it’s time to do it. I’ll do everything I can to make it an easy-going, pleasant experience at a reasonable cost. Clients frequently remark how much fun our sessions are, and you may very well think it’s closer to an acting exercise than just trying to look good for the camera. Not only that, but you’re likely to get a nice cuppa tea and some biscuits with my lovely wife and assistant, Amelia!

If you know exactly what you’re looking for, that’s great; our concentration can be very particular. If you’re not so sure, we’ll try a variety of set-ups that will give you a range from which to choose – studio lighting, natural light indoors, and/or outdoor location shots.

The photos will be captured digitally, which is the standard for headshot photography. It offers tremendous flexibility both during the shoot -when it is possible to see exactly what we’re getting and make adjustments if necessary- and after, because the pictures, or files, are easily retouched and shared . Online proof sheets, which are included in the fee, will be available within a day or two of the session. You will receive a DVD of the entire session, meaning you control the “negatives” and may do with them as you please. I work with an excellent lab (Argentum) and highly recommend you take advantage of their services, but I will not hold your photos hostage. Finally, basic retouching on 1 to 4 photos (depending on the package) is included in the session fee.

Pricing is by “look” and I strongly recommend the 2 – 3 look package for our first session. And to be clear, a “look” means a real clothing and attitude change; throwing on a scarf or pulling off your tie is still the same look. In terms of time, be prepared to spend about 2½ hours. Nevertheless, there is no set limit on how many frames or how long we shoot because there is no point in feeling pressured to get “the” shot. I also offer a less expensive, short, 1-look session. That way, if you need something really specific, or you change your hair, or grow a beard, or just feel like trying something different, you will be able to come for a quick session without having to spend a fortune.  And I offer significant discounts to my repeat clients.