"My session with Geoffrey was fun and relaxing...even pleasurable. So much so that I was rewarded with my best headshots ever. He really knows how to turn a sow's ear into a silk purse!!"

Angela Paton

"By the way, my agents LOVE the shots."

Kitty Swink

"It was such a pleasure shooting with Geoffrey. He put me at ease instantly and I ended up having a lot of fun. I'm so pleased with how the shots turned out, capturing me just as I am when I walk in the door to meet the casting director. They were bright and diverse and you can tell there is something really going on behind my eyes...as opposed to the miserable cheap grin of my first soulless shots! I was given a lot of freedom with the shoot and good direction when I couldn't think of anything to do or focus on. It was great having his wife, Amelia, there to give input on my wardrobe and makeup tips. I would absolutely recommend Geoffrey to other actors looking for headshots!"

Kellie Matteson

"I recently changed my look, and my session with Geoff, whose work I have long admired, was fast, efficient, friendly, creative and tremendously productive. My commercial and theatrical agents were immediately impressed and chose several wonderful shots to promote my career. I have also been able to use the digital prints to my advantage in numerous personal promotional instances. He's the best."

Phil Proctor


"This was the first time I had to have color shots done in order to stay with the trend and I decided on using Geoffrey Wade to shoot my latest pictures/headshots. This was a different experience as we had to use different kinds of set ups and find better backgrounds when shooting outside for the color and contrast. Geoffrey had such a good eye for all of these details. I have been an actor for many years and it is hard to break an old dog of his habits but Geoffrey knew exactly what to do. He knew how to get me in the mood with great conversation to get just the right expression and attitude. This came through wonderfully in the character of the photos with which we ended up. I had so many photos to choose from that it was a bit daunting in the selection. But it was made easy by having the photos online to share with my agents and managers to pick the shots we all agreed on. I would highly recommend using Geoffrey to any one who wants quality headshots done quickly and easily. He backs up his product as well. If you don't get what you want the first time around (which I am sure rarely happens) he goes out of his way to make sure that you get the shots that you need."

Steve Rankin

"I thoroughly enjoyed our session with Geoffrey Wade. He has a wonderful sense of movement, color, composition, theatrical truth and sensible craft and skill. I loved the pictures we chose, and have had very nice comments from others that have seen them. And Geoff is so professional and fun to be with—I'm so proud of the work!
Thanks, Geoff!"

Susie Glaze


"Getting headshots by Geoffrey Wade was the most comfortable unstressed photo session I've EVER had...cuz Geoff and his wonderful stylist, Amelia White, were totally supportive and positive and patient which meant I could be relaxed and confident during the difficult and self conscious process ...the results were quite amazing...I have many good shots to choose for headshots, both interior and exterior...in the past I've felt lucky to find one shot that I liked...Geoff created and suggested a variety of 'scenarios' and locations, was personable, charming and reassuring...and this is my sixth headshot in my career so I know what I'm talkin' about!!! Geoffrey got the shot I've been looking for—natural, animated, flattering and truthful."

Darrie Lawrence


"PS: loved your work and Argentum."

Lindsey Ginter


"I loved the experience of working with Geoff. The whole session was fun and relaxed and I had a great time. I really loved the way the pictures turned out and would recommend him highly to anyone looking for great pix at a great price."

Mark Doerr