The Session


Headshots are a collaborative effort so I always suggest to my clients that we meet before the actual photo session. I can find out a little about you and what you’re looking to accomplish with our shoot, and—just as importantly—you have an opportunity to get a sense of how I work. Photographs are a significant expense, so whether you end up with me as your photographer or someone else, by all means check us out and be sure your “shooter” someone you want to work with.

If agents or managers represent you, I recommend that you talk to them to get a feel for what they want in a headshot. As always, the more specific, the better. Of course, they are welcome to contact me at any time.

If you are paying by check, online proofs and the photo CD will be released to you after the check clears.


The key is to keep it simple and comfortable. Give some thought to the looks you want, try them on at home, and bring those outfits. Bring different necklines, textures, tops you can layer. Solid colors tend to work best, some dark and some light because we’re looking for contrast. Nevertheless, maybe a subtle pattern will be just right for a commercial look. Please remember: Clothes should be clean and ironed! And finally, bring that one thing you’ve always kinda wanted to wear in a photo but didn’t dare….


OK, the whole idea is to capture you as you are, so that when you walk into the audition or meeting you look like your picture. The single, consistent piece of advice I hear from agents and casting directors is, “The picture must look like you.” That means you should be able to reproduce the look of your pictures at home, on your own; so I urge you to consider doing your own makeup for the pictures. In that case, for women the idea is to keep it even and relatively light; about what you’d use for a “business” situation. And men don’t really need makeup at all. Having said that, of course you are free to use a makeup artist if that makes you more comfortable. When that is the case, be sure to allow the extra time necessary so we can start on time. Women, please bring your personal makeup with you to the session, and both men and women should bring a powder that matches your skin tone to avoid shine. Bring your own brush and comb and styling products. It’s best to give haircuts at least a week to grow out before photos.


Get plenty of rest for the couple days before we shoot. I know, I know, we all lead hectic lives, but a lot of people are going to be looking at these photos for a long time, so give yourself a break. Avoid alcohol and drugs the day before, they take the sparkle from your eyes. Allow sufficient time for the session, at least two-and-a-half hours. Bring music you like, that you can sing along to, that makes you happy, that you find evocative.